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  • Why will 2023 be the best year ever for the franchise market?

    updated: 04/04/2023

    The franchise market has been a driving force in the global economy, offering entrepreneurial opportunities for those looking for a safe and proven way to start their own business. And, according to experts, the franchise market is gearing up for its best year yet in 2023. According to an analysis conducted by FranchiseWire, the franchise […]

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  • Careers in Technology: How to develop soft skills?

    updated: 27/02/2023

    Amid the pandemic and many uncertainties in many sectors, some have managed to raise the bar, adapt to the new circumstances, and grow steadily, excelling in a new, all-digital world. The technology fields have been the fastest growing in recent times, with many job openings. For those who have not yet decided on a career […]

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