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Park is a global education platform for all your business needs which can be accessed in multiple languages all around the world. Through our platform you can reduce and control spending in training. Besides, you will delight your employees’ by giving them access to a cutting-edge education technology and content.
Key Features
12Dashboard for academic follow up
12 Complete financial control
12 Multiple courses, including: Marketing, Languages and skills
12Assessment. We help you identify your team needs regarding their evolution
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Spending & academic control

We all know it is mandatory to invest in the team in search of more productivity and value creation. At the same time, we also know it is hard to invest in anything without having the slightest idea about what the return on investment will be. Park's clients can access their team academic dashboards and understand exacltly what skills their employees have acquired and how effective they are in using those skills. Park only offer courses that enables fast results, which guarantees positive ROI.

4.97 is The unbeatable average rating achieved by our faculty

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Why certification matters

  • Build a great career
    Stand out as an ambitious and growth-driven professional. Boost your career by demonstrating your commitment to learning.
  • Demonstrate Core Skills
    As times change, go back to the basics. Invest in the foundational skills integral for workplace success, now and always.
    Impress your professional network. Showcase your verified Park and Harappa Certificates on your CV and LinkedIn profile.

What our clients say about Park


"I like to study at Park because the method is different from all other schools and it's more fun. I would recommend it to a friend because the way Park teaches students is very cool and makes learning another language much easier!"

"It is so good to study in a modern school. Traditional schools do not innovate and insist on teaching with outdated books and VERB TO BE exercises! It was my best choice to study at PARK, because there are no books, everything is digital and I will go to school to SPEAK." - Marília

"Studying at PARK is exceeding my expectations! The material is fully digital, and it is possible to choose hybrid classes! In addition to the structure of the school, which is awesome!" - Priscila