History of park

In 1996, a nonconformist decided to change his reality.

Upon returning from the United States, Eduardo Pacheco realized that most people could not speak English fluently even after a long time studying it. He realised there was a great business opportunity for anyone able to find a definitive solution that would transform the reality of those who seek fluency.

If you want to go fast, go alone, If you want to go far, join someone

Three years after Eduardo founded his language school in 1996, he invited Paulo Arruda to be his co-founder for the franchising business. The idea was creating a big business, and Paulo had been a successful engineer and business consultant for worldwide corporations. Therefore, Eduardo found in him the ideal capabilities to help build what is one of the biggest players in the education business nowadays. Their first goal became to create the most innovative language training method in the world. In 1999, they started discussing and validating Park Method concepts.

THe MVP was tested with 70 of Eduardo’s students who worked for one of the top ranked brands in agribusiness in the world, Cargill INC., in Uberlândia-MG-Brazil

In the beginning of 2000, Cargill was about to open a citric acid factory in Uberlândia and decided to hire Eduardo's school to prepare their employees for the factory startup. Cargill's Brazilian employees had to learn English fast, because they had to work with the American team who was coming to Brazil from Eddyville, Iowa, where Cargill had its only other citric acid production at the time. In only two months, in the first semester of the year 2000, after a 60 hour training using the Method created by Eduardo and Paulo, Cargill Brazilian employees, who had not any knowledge of the English language, were able to use more than 1000 words in their oral communication with their American peers. Eduardo and Paulo were proud to have helped guarantee the success of the factory startup. That MVP proved the power of the recently created method.

The Franchising started with the first standard school being established in Uberlândia-MG-Brazil

In January, 2001, Eduardo opened Park's first standard franchising school. In 6 months, the school had more than 250 students. The success achieved with Cargill students during the MVP project persisted. What stood out along the way is that students learned 5 times faster towards fluency than average. Park Method delivered pre-prepared classes that guaranteed that teachers would mandatorily follow its exclusive winning teaching concepts. From this point, Park started expanding around Brazil. Since then, Park has been investing in technology, which has enabled the deployment of the comprehensive education technology company it is nowadays.