About Park


Park is a connected network of schools that offer courses through the most innovative learning methods ever created.

Park is a comprehensive Education Platform:

  • Park creates its own proprietary content .
  • After rigorous quality control, Park distributes third party content as a marketplace agent.

How do we do it?

    • Directly to students through partners:
      • Franchisees
      • White label schools around the world
      • Private teachers
      • Universities
      • Companies
      • Regular Schools

Educational Service Providers

Content Producers


App Stores

Cloud Services

A business based on the logic of a platform

Park Education Platform

With continuous investment in technology, Park has built the most comprehensive online platform in the bilingual education sector.

Why Park technology platform is a powerful efficiency booster?
  • Fully integrated App for students and affiliates
  • System that supports online interactive classes
  • Academic management system
  • Financial management system
  • Marketing automation system
  • CRM system
  • Park Network - integration of multiple independent businesses' operations for maximum financial efficiency
  • Content Creation Panel supporting direct deployment to Android and IOS Apps

Global reach...

Pursuing its vision, Park has impacted several countries such as Brazil, Mexico, The Netherlands, Japan, Portugal and India


After the powerful language training method, a huge number of other innovations...

  • 1996

    Park 1st school is opened.

  • 2000

    Park unveils proprietary natural learning method for the second language acquisition.

  • 2002

    Park subsidiary, Gama Fintech, starts up.

  • 2004

    Educational Technology Platform development begins.

  • 2016

    Content is distributed exclusively through digital means.

  • 2019

    Brand retrofit and international expantion.

  • 2021

    Park Education consolidates itself as an Edtech Platform.

Statements that guide our actions...


Simplify education today, to empower tomorrow's society.


We are an education technology platform for all stages of life. Through technology, we radically simplify learning and offer interdisciplinary courses that are essential for global competitiveness.

Shared values

Innovation | Loyalty | Disciplined behavior | Entrepreneurship | Customer Oriented | Helpfulness | Joy.


Be the largest education organization in the world.

Other companies in the group

Park tech is both an edtech and a fintech platform, however, it goes way beyond...

Park Tech does much more than facilitate learning and make financial services more accessible to the education industry. Park Tech stands out in integrating independent businesses under the same financial, educational and content management system in search of maximum efficiency for each player.


Park's subsidiary, which is a chain of schools that also offers coding and robotics courses as a separate brand.

Park Publishers

is the brand of the group that is dedicated to serving the B2B market, companies and regular schools that make use of our educational system. In addition, Park Publishers develops proprietary content and establishes, through curation, partnerships that allows the deployment of third party content in the platform.