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Impacted Students


Best segment retention rate


Franchisees own 2 schools or more, which demonstrates profitability


Revenue growth


Lowest default rate in the education industry

Global reach...

Persuing its vision, Park has impacted several countries.

Park offers A language learning method that surprises for its simplicity

We immersed ourselves in a fantastic Japanese research framework called QFD, which allowed us to discover what our students desire from a language class. With that, we created a method that promotes the feeling of pleasure when learning and generates self-confidence to export and speak. These essential conditions for language learning.

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Experience program
bilingual education

Parents are responsible for preparing their kids for the future, and Park helps them in that endeavour. After years of research, Park created and tested the Experience Program, which is fundamental for anyone who is going to face a totally different world, where formal jobs will not be available. Whenever they reach working ages, our children will have to:

  • Be creative enough to develop their own opportunities;
  • Understand and deal with technology;
  • Be entrepreneurs, because they will have to develop their ideas and transform that into real value;
  • Do all that in English.

Our learning track Educates
for the future

Creativity taught in English

From 5 to 7 years


TECHNOLOGY and english

From 8 to 12 years



From 13 to 15 years


100% digital didatic material

  • Technology;
  • Innovation;
  • Convinience;
  • Engangement.

Online, hybrid or face to face classes

network entrepreneurship

It is increasingly clear that, in the current moment in which the virtual environment advances into the domain of social relations, the sense of entrepreneurship goes beyond the individual profile to the sense of collectivity. Nowadays, it is mandatory to move businesess across the connected world and benefit from the efficiency that one can get out of those connections.

Therefore, it is necessary to break down barriers and go beyond,
empowering entrepreneurs, encouraging the
creative thinking, co-creation and shared leadership.

We integrate multiple
independent businesses' operations
in order to maximize financial efficiency.

Park's Education technology platform allows you to enroll new students in thousands of existing groups, in any Park school in the world. Thus, you do not need to open a new group that would not generate enough income to cover the expenses with the teacher, fees and technology.

You can always take advantage of the existing groups and share the revenue with a business partner anywhere in the world. This technology will make sure you only have profitable groups.

Park's Education state-of-the-art technology structure enables unprecedent financial efficiency. No other educational franchising network operates with such financial efficiency.

A special Consulting for every phase of your business

Phase 1


  • Real state choice;
  • Opening the company;
  • Project & Production;
  • Recruitment and Selection.
Phase 2

First 30 days
“I’m open, and now?”

  • Commercial Processes;
  • Winning Mindset;
  • Pedagogical Management Routine.
Phase 3

First few months

  • Enrollment goals;
  • Monitoring KPI’s;
  • Monitoring drop-outs;
  • Teacher Training.
Phase 4

Ongoing consulting

  • On Demand Consulting;
  • High performance Operations;
  • Opening new Branches.

Business model

Smart and accessable

Franchising Fee

From R$10.000 to R$15.000


Royalties Free

As schedule, savings around R$4.000 every month


Didatic Material

No invetory.
100% digital and direct sale to your client


Initial Investment

Around R$40.000



A smart investment that allows you to place students in more than 3.000 different groups.



R$45.000 to 50.000

Including working capital

  • Kiosk for mall halls, around 10m²
  • 2 Classrooms
  • Exclusive for 1 milion+ people cities



R$45.000 to 55.000

Including working capital

  • Realstate around 30m²
  • 2+ Classrooms



R$65.000 to 75.000

Including working capital

  • Realstate around 50m²
  • 3+ Classrooms

Statements that guide our actions...


Simplify education today, to empower tomorrow's society.


We are an education technology platform for all stages of life. Through technology, we radically
simplify learning and offer interdisciplinary courses that are essential for global competitiveness.


Live with courage to belong anywhere in the world.

Shared values

Innovation | Loyalty | Disciplined behavior | Entrepreneurship | Customer Oriented | Helpfulness |


Be the largest education organization in the world.

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An AccrediTed franchising brand


Over the past 20 years, Park Education has developed an effective knowledge of the education industry and created winning processes that have contributed to the formation of a large network of successful entrepreneurs. As a result, several awards have been given to Park over the years, including those that best promote franchising in Brazil.


Excelency stamps

from Pequenas Empresas & Grandes Negócios


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