Park Method Duplicate

Park Method was developed to provide English & Spanish fluency through the natural learning process.

We understood students' needs in every single aspect related to language acquisition, and then designed a very specific solution.

Park Method was built to make sure students:

What's fundamental To succeed

Psychological aspects must be considered when building a method for language acquisition, because there are two basic ingredients for fluency:

  • Self confidence is fundamental when you need to practice oral communication.
  • Pleasure is fundamental when you go through a long training process.

Therefore, anything that plays a role against the student’s self confidence and motivation must be disconsidered in the beginning of the process. For example, grammar studies.

Natural learning

Take into consideration the same process we all follow when we learn our own native language

Instead of being product-centered, Park is customer-centric. We focus on understanding each student personal relationship with the language acquisition process. The student needs to feel good all the time in the learning track. If the student is feeling happy, that means he or she is ready to be a protagonist and get into practice. Psychological aspects come first. That is exactly how mothers make us feel when we learn our own native language.
Simple and effective: the more you speak, the better it gets! Therefore, the student must spend the entire class time practicing his speech. The class is probably the only moment most students have to practice the speaking ability, therefore, this limited time must be totally dedicated to speaking the new language. In our real lives, we spend the entire day speaking for 3 or 4 years without ever having any contact with printed communication.
This can only be achieved through a direct and natural acquisition and through reproducing the native language vocabulary and structure acquisition process, which happens to anyone who is learning their native language. Life naturally drives us to practice the same words and structures daily, and that's why things come to us so naturally when we learn our own native language. The method must guarantee the teacher follows this process. Besides, natural means associating sounds and ideas.

2. Park simplifies the way you learn new words and structures

How things really happen

Teachers really contribute inside class when they drive students to speak with the previously learned vocabulary and structures. Other activities can be executed by the student in parallel. Therefore, investing in practicing how to write or read during the class time can be considered a waste of resources.

3. Flexible learning

Park Method is flexible. This feature allows the use of the student's life as the main resource for the comprehension of new vocabulary and structure. The student's life is what most matters to him and every new sound (word) associated with his life will come to his comprehension easily. Besides, when a student talks about his life, he is naturally motivated, and he easily memorizes the words, because emotions are involved.

4. What about grammar

Similarly to what happens in real life, students learn grammar rules only after oral communication is mature. Otherwise, the fear of oral exposure might appear. This simple decision to postpone grammar rules studies a little bit can guarantee the student future success in a connected world, because confidence stands out. However, it is important to point out that students learn how to use adequate grammar structures while speaking. The only difference is that reasoning over grammatic aspects only happens after the self-confidence to speak the language fluently is guaranteed.

5. Convenient exposure & learning

Our technology platform allows much more exposure. We make sure you can practice a new language while you are doing other things such as driving, exercising, etc.. If your daily life is disturbed, you will tend to give up the training. Motivation is key.

6. Fast - what others do in 1200 hours, we do in 140 hours

All the time spent with the teacher is dedicated to speaking: 140 hours of pure conversation. In order to reach that number of hours of conversation, others need 1200 hours of classes. Park method is built in such a way that it guarantees students use, in any given class, the words learned in previous classes besides the new ones being taught in the current class. There is a method that controls teacher's acts, ease student's efforts and guarantees results. There is no great effort coming from a student to memorize new things. When the teacher follows the method, the student naturally builds knowledge, because he or she will revisit the content in every new class.

7. Other important features...

Park technology provides great experience

  • I. Attend classes from wherever you are through our complete education technology platform.
  • II. Activities are available to you through Park App and Practice Portal.
  • III. Access a dashboard to follow up on your development and make corrective actions.
  • IV. Learn through our Game Platform. The more fun you have learning, the more you will wish to expose yourself to the language. Fluency is a mere consequence.