How many times in life do people have the opportunity to develop a big business?

As a Country Master Licensee, you have the chance to create your own business, through the exploration of our comprehensive platform, including technology and courses, in the entirety of your home country.

Everything is built to make sure you can focus on one single competence and process:

What will you do as a master licensee

  • As the Master Licensee for your country, you hold the right to represent Park Education and market its products within the limits of your entire country. In addition, you can expand the network of licensees, bringing in other entrepreneurs who also acquire a license to represent the brand, whenever this business model is adequate for the country. In this case, you will always have a commission on the Net GMV generated in the country;
  • This is a business model, through which, professionals, who has a positive background in business and entrepreneurial abilities, have the opportunity to grow unlimitedly throughout the entirety of a country, exploring a brand that is already consolidated in other countries;

  • As a Master Licensee, you do not have the obligation to deliver the lessons in case of synchronous courses. Your mandatory activity is marketing the courses. Once the student is enrolled, either by the activities of your inside sales team or through the e-commerce, he will attend classes in one of the thousands of classrooms available around the world for each course we offer. It is important to point out that we have qualified and trained teachers in the platform.

Reasons For partnering

Growth through value creation is part of our DNA. Our culture has been built upon the constant search of building real value and transforming lives. For 20 years +, we have been working hard to bring both students and partners THE BEST EXPERIENCE in the education sector. We are proud to say that we have always grown through the success of our current students and business partners, which is testament to Park's strength.




Um dos principais diferenciais que encontro nas aulas da Park, é ao fato de falarmos ingles
100% do tempo. Aquela vontade quase irresistível de se comunicar em portugues, que o aluno iniciante
tem ao aprender o idioma, é contornada pacientemente pelo professor que explica com a riqueza de
detalhes e referências necessárias ao entendimento.
Esse detalhe tbm nos incentiva a estarmos atentos a aula o tempo todo, pra compensar com atenção
a falta de habilidade com a nova lingua, sendo isso um fator que evita uma possível distração com
fatores externos.
Outro fator importante (pelo menos nas aulas do prof. Reynaldo, pois os outros nao conheço) é a contextualização
do aprendizado em assuntos que são de nosso cotidiano, o que facilita demais a compreensão e o interesse
pelo conteúdo .

Darcio do Valle - Maceno"

Courses you will be marketing

Park began by developing the most effective language acquisition method ever designed, the Park Method. Nowadays Park Education supplies a variety of courses:
  • Regular English Course
  • English for Specific Purposes
    • English for doctors and other health professionals
    • English for agribusiness professionals
    • English for tech professionals
    • Business English
  • Regular Spanish Courses
  • Disciplines in business
    • Marketing
    • Entrepreneurship
  • Thrive skills
    • Public speaking
    • General communication
    • Critical thinking
    • Design thinking
    • Creative thinking
    • Problem solving
    • Collaboration
    • Leadership
  • Coding
  • Robotics

*In your meeting with our consultants, you will find out the courses that will be available to your country.

The technology that supports your growth

1. Technology Platform

Educational Service Providers

Content Producers


App stores

Cloud services

a business based on the logic of a platform

2. Marketplace

  • In your country, you will be able to commercialize all courses that are in the platform, even those from third parties who are also members at the platform; Through curatorship, we deploy the best solutions to students. You will find out later which ones are available to your country;

  • Our e-commerce platform will be at your service to help you reach the entirety of your country territory.

Your responsabilities

Market, directly or through other licensees, Park Education products and services within the limits of your country (B2C & B2B).

Seek solutions to local tax problems, advising Park Education on how to act to comply with local laws, avoiding legal problems of any kind.

Guide the local licensee network whenever growing through a chain of licensee's.

Who we want as an international partner

We want to partner with someone who presents:

  • knowledge about the local market;
  • effective knowledge of marketing;
  • 3 year experience with leadership, being good at listening to others;
  • an entrepreneurial spirit;
  • a great desire to create a big business;
  • passion for learning;
  • resourcefulness;
  • willingness to improvise;
  • strong determination to succeed;
  • financial conditions to develop the business;
  • fluency in English.

Commissions: Up to 70%

Investments and

Park offers the technology platform you will need to develop your business. Therefore, all you need is to invest in your own training and in the structure to start enrolling students and generating cash flo

License fee: US$8,000
Marketing and sales team Marketing investment according to your growth planning.


Commercial training: 40 Hours
System Training: 10 Hours
Product Training: 40 Hours
Others: 10 Hours


Commissions: From 7% to 70%
All commissions are calculated on the payments of each student originated in your country after local taxes.

A special consultancy for all
phases of your business

Support along the way

Phase 1


Choice of Growth Strategy;
Setting up the business;
Recruitment and selection.

Phase 2

First 3 Months

Business Processes;
Winning mentality;
Client Management;

Phase 3

First 6 months

Enrollment goals;
KPI's monitoring;
Loss monitoring;
Teacher training.

Phase 4

Continuous consulting

Consulting on demand;
High performance operations;
Opening new units.

numbers that are proof of a solid brand


Impacted Students


Best segment retention rate


Revenue growth


Lowest default rate in the education industry