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3 benefits of offering English to employees

Updated: 27/02/2023

A company in harmony and balance with its employees is the result of good teamwork and concern with their good training, and consequently great sales. Offering training that allows workers to grow professionally is the best investment a company can make.

English courses for employees is essential improvement of professionals, a way to integrate sectors and give more credibility to the company. They perform better, are more confident in their jobs, and are also able to do other things where they need to speak English, such as attending events, traveling, or working as an interpreter. Read the article and understand more about the benefits of offering a good course to your employees!


Why learn English in your professional life?


In a totally globalized and competitive world, professionals who excel with courses are able to go beyond and deliver better results to companies. English for employees is the key to a successful company.

There are two types of companies: those that are not concerned about updating and professionalizing their employees, and those that are willing to always offer more knowledge to their collaborators, because they know they will have excellent results in the medium and long term. A esse segundo tipo chamamos empresa de entrepreneurial management . Existem duas demandas ideais para inglês aos colaboradores:

  • Technical English aimed at understanding manuals and software;
  • conversation (speaking and listening) for contact with representatives, customers and suppliers.

A survey conducted by the British Councilin partnership with the Data Popular Research Institute, pointed out that only 5% of the Brazilian population speaks English - and only 1% of these people are fluent. In practice, in a company, it is as if one employee in every 100 is able to give a presentation or converse fluently in the language. Although this is a 2013 survey, there is no indication of changing numbers in this environment.

According to another survey, done in 2013, by Business English Index by Global English, 91% of executives in 77 countries surveyed put English as the main language of business.

Companies with an entrepreneurial profile tend to value the growth and improvement of English for employees because they know the global importance of having a second language in the professional field to meet the needs of each sector with excellence.


Advantages of providing English courses in the corporate environment


In a globalized scenario where companies that have the largest number of employees fluent in English, it has become a business strategy that has as a result the efficiency and growth of financial gains, the motivation and loyalty of professionals, increasing productivity.

The implementation of programs that provide the improvement of professionals in the official language of the business worldIt will have a good impact on the company's image in the marketplace and improve the employees' qualifications. To this end, we have listed three important benefits of offering English to your employees.


High-performance employees


Teams that learn a second language in the workplace are able to develop greater industry skills, such as producing multiple tasks simultaneously, making decisions in shorter times, and focusing on priority tasks effectively, as well as being able to optimize time, something that is important these days.

A research by psychologist Judith Kroll, from Penn State University, evaluated that the brains of people who speak more than one language acquire abilities that increase cognitive performance, that is, collaborators with greater focus on more important activities. In this way, the company that offers English courses will help its employees to better prioritize tasks and work on different projects at the same time.

In addition, bilingual people are able to make accurate decisions more easily and quickly, which increases productivity and consequently the return for the company on all the investment made in its employees.


Quality business communication


One of the main strategic points in a company that wants to stand out in the market is to have good internal and external communication. Professionals who know how to express themselves well in the language of business stand out in this competitive environment, and knowing how to speak fluent English, the universal language of business, is key.

Employees who feel comfortable and confident speaking English are able to create new business opportunities. Besides the importance of learning theory and grammar, knowing speak the language and interact in different contexts is fundamental and paramount in the pyramid of the learning process.


Better self-esteem and relationship of the professionals


Learning, in any situation, increases self-esteem. In the business world it would be no different. Oferecer inglês aos colaboradores faz com que os mesmos se sintam importantes para a empresa, além de melhorar o relacionamento entre pessoas tanto do mesmo setor quanto de áreas distintas do ambiente de trabalho.

With the proximity of the employees, the work environment becomes more harmonious and productive, with people more open to collaborating with each other. A company with a balanced team is synonymous with good results and success.


Park Method for companies that want good results


A bilingual person is able to absorb up to ten times more content than a person who speaks only their native language. English for employees is the key to success for any company, as it is the official language of the world's largest companies and of startups that are growing globally.

The Park course is for those seeking definitive fluency in a didactic and at the same time dynamic way. To be bilingual is to find opportunities everywhere. Through natural learning, Park has created a method capable of generating habit and confidence, which are essential conditions for good learning.

Grammar is covered after the student already speaks, ensuring greater self-confidence for oral practice. Park de-rationalizes the process, bringing the student's growth in the new language as naturally as possible. Learn More our methods and learn to speak fluently in a practical way!